Zoryan Kis


Zoryan Kis is a Freedom House project co-ordinator in Ukraine. He has over 10 years of experience in working for non-governmental organisations. He was a founder and co-ordinator of “SAVEZHOVTEN”, an initiative to rebuild and support Zhovten cinema in Kyiv, which was burnt down as a result of a homophobic hate crime. The initiative successfully lobbied for the allocation of an equivalent of USD 2.500,00 for its renovation. In 2014n Zoryan completed the cycle of the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies and the Ukrainian School of Political Studies. Before joining Freedom House, Zoryan worked as Campaign Co-ordinator for Amnesty International Ukraine, where he supported KyivPride Marches in the frame of the “Fight Discrimination in Europe Campaign”. During the Euromaydan Zaryan organised Ukrainian LGBTI activists to tackle “fake gay march”, an anti-Maydan provocation aimed at provoking violence and splitting the protest around LGBT issues. Zoryan worked with KyivPride March in 2012 as a member of the security department, and in 2015 he was in charge of security and organisation of the march, and negotiations with the police. In 2012, Zoryan participated in the International Visitor’s Leadership Programme visit to the USA. In 2009-2012, he was a founding member and Executive Ddirector of “Fulcrum”, a Ukrainian charitable organisation working in the field of LGBT, human rights and HIV/AIDS. In 2011 and 2012, he organised, with partners, two National Conferences of the LGBT Movement and MSM service of Ukraine. Prior to Fulcrum, Zoryan worked with the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV, a coalition of HIV-service NGOs and the Nash Mir Gay and Lesbian Center. He holds an M.A. in history and a B.A. in law.