Sandra Dias Fernandes


Sandra Fernandes has a PhD in Political Science, with specialisation in International Relations by Sciences Po (Paris). She is Professor at the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) since 2001 where she is currently the Director of the Bachelor and Master in International Relations and Deputy Director of the Department of International

Relations and Public Administration. Her research interests focus on European studies, the post-Soviet space, the European Union external action, the relationship between the European Union and Russia, foreign policy analysis and international security. She has been publishing on these issues, as for instance with the Jacques Delors Prize 2005: In Secure Europe: European Union, Russia and the Atlantic Alliance: The Institutionalization of a Strategic Relationship. Lisbon: Principia (2006); and European Security Architecture: Fading or Adapting? In Roger Kanet and Matthew Sussex (eds). Power, Politics and Confrontation in Eurasia. Foreign Policy in a Contested Region. Palgrave Macmillan: 89-110 (2015). She has also been a speaker at national and international scientific conferences, seminars and lectures, and delivering interviews with national and international media.