Pavel Usov


Pavel Usov studied at the Mogilev State University (MoGU), at the faculty of the World History. His student years covered the brief period of the political warming and intensive development of the national independence in Belarus, at the same time it was also th beginning of the first steps in the formation of the authoritarian regime. He took an active part in the opposition movement and in pro-democracy protests in the country. In 2000, Pavel started his post-graduate studies in Political Science at the Belarusian State University (Minsk) and his work as a lecturer at (MoGU), but in 2005 he was dismissed because of his principled position about the political situation in the country. He took part as an independent candidate in the parliamentarian election in 2004, which irritated local administration. At the same time, he tried to resist university administrative pressure on his students during the political referendum and election. In 2004, he became the head of the Mogilev city branch of the Social- Democratic Party (Hramada) and a deputy of the head of the Young Social Democrats. After the presidential election in 2006 he decided to leave Belarus, and since that time he has been living in Poland. His activities were concentrated in the sphere of analysis, expert work and political consulting. In 2012, Pavel defended his PhD dissertation at the Polish Academy of Science entitled The Forming and Functioning of the neo-authoritarian regime in Belarus 1994 – 2010. One year later his book related to the political system in Belarus was published. Pavel has more than 500 analytical and journalistically articles for different editions and websites and he co-operates with different analytical centers in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and other European countries.