Alexandra Patricia Braica


Karin is the founder of ”LärOlika”, a unique educational programme for people who all live in one city but in very different parts of society. LärOlika allows participants to learn from others’ experiences and perspectives through different conversations – based on mutual interest and respect. As Head of LärOlika, Karin has developed content for and facilitated several LärOlika programmes, each with a highly diverse group of participants (including corporate managers, doctors, artists, policemen, former criminals, entrepreneurs, unemployed people, public officials, youngsters as well as retired people). On parental leave, Karin initiated new meeting places for parents with babies – some who recently immigrated, others established in Swedish society. Meetings, together with the children, generate fun conversations and integration for everyone. For ten years, Karin has been part of the Tällberg Foundation, gathering leaders from around the world for discussions and reflection under the overarching question ”How on Earth can we live together?”, in annual Tällberg Forums as well as smaller meetings in Sweden and around the world. Before this, Karin worked with UNDP in Belarus, the Swedish Government Growth agency and McKinsey&Co. Karin has an MSc in Chemical Engineering, and degrees in Political Science and Russian.